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Understand Your Visitor Behaviour
Now understand what your users like and don't like on your page
Dynamic Heatmap
You can analyze your visitors clicks on your webpage dynamic contents like Sliders & Popup. Using this dynamic heatmap analysis you can make necessary changes on the content which don't perform well to increase your conversions.
Using scrollmap you can visualize the percentage of page scrolled by your visitors. Analyze the data and place the important information within the visitors visual area.
Advanced Filtering
We provide wide range of filters based on user type, device type, browser type, OS type and date range to understand your visitors completely without any hurdle. You can also restrict referred domain names to record activities.
Desktop Mobile Tablet
We do support all type of devices which helps you to undestand your visitors based on particular device and visualize them one by one with Engtics toolbar
Dynamic Heatmap
You can view clicks on interactive elements like drop down menu, slider on your website
Advanced Heatmap Filtering
Heatmap can be filtered based on user type, date, browser and much more
Multi-device Support
We do track and support all type of devices like Desktop, Mobile and Tablet of your website
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